5 Extreme Things to Do In San Francisco

Are you an extreme sports enthusiast and have already scheduled a trip to San Francisco? We have good news; San Francisco offers a wide variety of activities and caters for all, even those with a soft spot for extreme sports! In this article, you will find out the thrilling activities awaiting you in this city, and where you can enjoy them! They will make sure your vacation to San Franciscowill be far more tranquil and boring!

  1. Skydiving

The best way to see all the San Francisco Bay area at a glance is from above.While the best skydiving centers are not based within the city, they are quite close – no more than a 1-hour drive.

Skydive San Francisco, for example,is located in Santa Cruz County, near Monterey Bay. If you are planning to go north and visit Cloverdale (famous for its wines),in Sonoma County, pay a visit to Norcal Skydiving.Their expert instructors are certified by the USPA,and they offer a 20% discount for a second skydive within 24 hours from the first one!

  1. Rock climbing

San Francisco has a little something for rock climbers, too! Beaver street wall, in the heart of San Francisco, is a polished marble-like rock that would be unclimbableif it were not for the big and prominent crack in the middle of the cliff.The location offers 45 feet of exercise and fun. However, if you prefer rock climbing with a sea view, try Cliff House Boulders in Ocean Beach. Just make sure water levels do not cover the landing area.

  1. Zip Lining

Ideal for families with children over 10 years old, a zip lining tour offers 2 hours full of excitement and a unique perspective of the woods. Two suchspotswith raving reviews are very close to San Francisco:Sonoma Canopy Tours in Occidental, which you can reach by driving north from San Francisco in 101N avenue, and Mount Hermon Adventures in Felton for those who want to combine ziplining and a visit to Monterey Bay in one day.

  1. Scuba Diving

Speaking of Monterey Bay, we cannot help but mention the scuba diving havenhiding there! For example, the Scuba Fusion Dive Center with a 10-years-in-a-row operation offers Beginner and Advanced Programs and guarantees a tropical under-the-sea adventure that you will never forget! Just keep in mind that the centreis closed on Mondays.

  1. San Francisco Segway Tours

True, a Segway tour is not as extreme as the above, yet it does not fall behind when it comes to fun – and it proves much more educational! After all, being trainedtomanoeuvre the Segway with the help of your weight is an experience that will boost a bit your adrenaline levels. Book a tour now, and let the adventure begin!

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