5 Most Tech Savvy Countries in the World

In recent decades, we’ve seen a technology revolution taking the world by storm as advancements continue to be made within this field, making more resources and opportunities available via technology.


While the countries that make the top 5 vary slightly depending on which list you check, there are 7 countries that pop up consistently across the board. These include the United States, the Netherlands, Singapore, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, and Finland, with the majority of tech-savvy cities located in the United States. Here are 5 of these tech savvy countries to keep an eye on.

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United States

As the US continues to grow in the ways we use technology to better our lives and the economy, the country has steadily moved up the list of most tech savvy countries to be a top 5 contender. Home to more of the largest tech companies than any other country (7 out of 10 to be exact), the business sector continues to be very forward-thinking digitally, while the low cost of broadband access makes tech easily available to individuals throughout the country.


Promoting a digital agenda, the government of Singapore has encouraged residents to utilize technology as much as possible through the Smart Nation Initiative. This push to be more digital on a national level is a way for the government to generate more business opportunities and improve the lives of residents.


Unlike other countries on this list, the government of Finland is not a driving force behind an increase in the use of technology within the country. Instead, business and venture capitalism are mainly what project the country forward technologically, as businesses rely quite heavily on tech in the way they’re modeled and run.


Known for offering the second fastest average internet speed in the world, Norway is definitely a top 5 contender when it comes to tech-savviness. The country-wide use of technology is encouraged, making it possible for local businesses to rely mainly on digital technology for interaction with consumers, which in turn makes this interaction faster and more efficient.



Driven by a desire to improve the use of digital technology within the country, the Swedish government has taken steps to increase the use of technology in both the regulatory and political environment and within business and innovation. Technology in Sweden is pushed forward mainly by businesses looking to tap into the online Swedish community.

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