6 Reasons to Visit Chicago This Fall

Lately, you have probably been reading so many interesting facts about Chicago your heart and mindare already set on visiting the historic Windy City. However,if the question of when is the best season to planyour visitstilllingers in your mind, every Chicagoan would not find it difficult to answer -the fall.

  1. The Weather is Neither Hot nor Cold

In other words, the weather is just great. Fall’s mild temperatures seldom exceed 70 degrees, and never drop under 50, allowing you to enjoy Chicago’s attractions and sights without sweating to exhaustionor freeze to the bone. The mild weather also means you won’t have to pack bulky coats, thus savingmuch space in your luggage – and cutting on flight and transportation expenses.

  1. An Explosion of Mesmerizing Odours

Fall is a treasure chest for sensitive…noses! The distinctive combination of the falling leaves, the wet soil and the smell of baked pumpkin and apple pies inexplicably stimulatethe brain and form a perfect reason to visit Chicago at Fall.

  1. The Best Season for Street Fashion in Chicago

Walk down the streets of Chicago and be inspired by the chic Chicagoans. It isprecisely that time of the year that allows you to master the art of layering so that you can be comfortable no matter the change of weather and finish the look with fashionable accessories. Don’t forget to pack that stylish scarf of yours!

  1. Enjoy a Hot Beverage

Whether a coffee or chocolate lover, the refreshingly cool temperatures allow you to enjoy your favourite hot beverage again.The wonderful smell of hot chocolate filling the air of downtown Chicago (due to the Bloomer Chocolate Factory) makesthe idea of sipping a hot beverage simply irresistible!

  1. The Whole City Transforms into a Work of Art

Chicago’s landscape at fallbreathes a mesmerising charm. Mother Nature celebrates the change of the season by dressing up the leaves with colourful costumes; From deep-tones browns to vivid yellows and oranges, the colour palette of the fall is here to impress you, and Chicago offers numerous fall-foliage spots to enjoy a picnic with your family!

  1. More Indoor Events

Apart from the various indoor activitiesthat Chicago offers to its visitors and locals, like the Garfield Park Conservatory and Indoor Skydiving, the starting of the fall season means that more events will be held indoors. For example, if you happen to be in town in the first week of October, don’t miss Chicago’s first Museum Week.

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