Antilog Vacations takes the pole position in Indian Cruise Travel market.

Every Investor looking at the travel and tourism business would focus on companies that are performing different than the market.It gives them edge and they stand out as a disrupting force.

Antilog Vacations is one of the few companies that is changing the Luxury cruise landscape of Indian Market. Last year it sent over 5000 Customers on luxury Cruises like Star , Royal Carribean , Alaska and Costa Cruises in all inclusive package deals. It is the single largest volume done in a calendar year by any Indian B2C travel company till date.They had launched their Cruise TV Advertisements in last quarter of 2016.

As a leading agent of Cruise Ships , Antilog Vacations stock is rising 20% every month as gross revenue yields, adjusted profitability, and advance bookings continue to inch higher.Customer satisfaction has been high after company blacklisted some of the `low quality’ vendors used for land arrangements at ports of embarkments. Recent Deals with low cost flight carriers has made the whole vacation which was considered quite expensive, under budget for Indian middle class travellers.

Antilog is disrupting its market by introducing high tech to the high seas. With a sustained collaboration with Cruise lines , Passengers are receiving  wearable medallions that use chips and Bluetooth connectivity that allow people to do things like order poolside beverages, find their family and friends, and customize cabin settings when heading back to their berths.

Indian Cruise market is estimated to rise to 200,000 Passengers by 2020. Globally ,the Cruise Line Industry Association estimates that 25.8 million people will take a cruise this year, a big number but clearly a small chunk of the population. Another survey last year showed that 99% of Indians  have never been on a cruise, and as the low-price leader, Antilog Vacations should continue to benefit as the popular choice for travellers.

Holiday Packaging remains the unconquered territory with players like Makemytrip and Goibibo failing to make any significant dent in the market despite the large financial back up of China based CTrip. Extremely complex technology and high level of customer servicing has traditionally determined the winner in markets like US and Britain.

The battle lines are clearly drawn between Antilog Vacations ,Thomas Cook and Cox and Kings in a three pronged war of high seas. Who will win , only time will tell.


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