Arabia Desert Safari Dubai

An exclusive tour to the explore the amazing outskirts of Arabian deserts out of the metropolitan hustle and tiring routine, in the most luxurious and classy way, is what defines an exclusive Arabian desert safari. Phoenix tours have superbly designed Arabian Safari for its special customers that include all the key highlights of Arabian desert including dune bashing, sun boarding, camel riding and much more.

Standard Deal for Arabian Desert Safari Adventures

Not everything precious is that expensive to enjoy. Our standard package deals perfectly fit over that phrase, as with an extensive experience of many years of dealing with our prestigious customers, we have devised an extraordinarily affordable list of standard package deals that cover all the perks and highlights of an exhilarating and fun experience of perfect Arabian desert safari.

Here, take a glimpse of our standard package deals for an amazing and unforgettable Arabian desert safari tour.

  • Standard Deal 1:
  • For a 1 to 4 people – AED 79 per person
  • Standard Deal 2:
  • For a group of 5 to 12 people – AED 74 per person
  • Standard Deal 3:
  • For a bunch of 13-29 people – AED 69 per person
  • Standard Deal 4:
  • For a pack of more than 30 people – AED 59 per person

You can enjoy the best of Arabian Safari in as low as AED 59 per person. Surely, a deal to get right away.

Deluxe Deal for Arabian Adventures

Want to have an extra edge and be picked up and dropped off at your desired destination in an exclusive style? Then our deluxe packages beautifully fit over your desires. Our desert safari tours specialize in providing an exclusive care to our special customers.

Here, have a sneak a peak of cost and requirements of these packages.

  • Deluxe Package Deal 1:
  • For a 1 to 4 people – AED 124 per person
  • Deluxe Package Deal 2:
  • For a group of 5 to 12 people – AED 119 per person
  • Deluxe Package Deal 3:
  • For a bunch of 13-29 people – AED 114 per person
  • Deluxe Package Deal 4:
  • For a pack of more than 30 people – AED 109 per person

Stroll through any of these packages, pick one and book with us and get aboard to make some magnificently delightful memories in Arabian nights desert safari Dubai.

Well, this is not it. With a special arrangement of conveyance from pick up point, both of the above-mentioned packages also include,

  • Arabian desert’s specialty, Camel Riding
  • Tanura Performance and Belly Dances
  • Unlimited availability of both hot and cold beverages
  • Unlimited availability of Shisha of various flavors
  • Pay a little extra for the availability of alcoholic beverages
  • Sand Boarding across vast desert
  • Delicious Dinner comprising of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
  • Quad Biking with an average cost of AED 100-300
  • Availability of separate toilets for men and women

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