Book your accommodation in the themed suites

Accommodation is an essential need during travelling. You may find several options of accommodations but none can be better than a luxury theme accommodation. Clairbnb is one of the theme based stay options. Its exclusively designed rooms will make you fall in love with the interiors such that you will never wish to go back to your home once you book your stay here.

Attractive suites for every one

Clairbnb is designed in the same manner as Madonna Inn in Las Vegas. All the suites are designed by keeping in mind the needs of everyone including children and adults. The suites are explicitly attractive and designed for comfort with some theme. From the fairy themed suites to the honeymoon suites, haunted theme suites and luxury living suites, there are so many themed rooms which you can book.  Various types of suites are ideal to spend a good time and experience a comfortable living experience.

Don’t forget to take your ID for check in

Some of the hotels and other accommodation types may not verify your identity before your check in. However, Clairbnb offers a secured check in process. This type of accommodation is relatively safe to stay as it ensures entry of every guest after verification. They take the ID proof of their guests and verify it with their details and make a record of the stay. This helps them to provide safe theme accommodation to their guests.

Make effective use of your property and become a host

If you own property which is vacant and you want to give it on rent, take services of Airbnb Superhost by Clairbnb. This service will allow the house owners to convert their property into the theme based holiday rental or home for rent. Hence, these rooms can be provided on rent to the guests. If you want to earn more with this company, you can even provide catering facility to the customers and make money easily.


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