Dining Etiquette: 6 Rules You Should Follow While Dining at a Restaurant

When in a fine dining restaurant – whether for a date, some business dinner or anything else – there’s always a certain set of rules that need to be followed. If you act the same way as you would in your home or a casual restaurant, you would look like a total misfit in an elite place.

Here are 6 basic rules that you should keep in mind when dining at a good place like Restaurant Sinclair.

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  1. Dress Appropriately: If you planning to dine at a fine dining restaurant, you can’t simply go in jeans, tees and tennis shoes. Make sure to dress appropriately. Even if the fine dining restaurant says casual, their “casual” means comfortable but polished.
  2. Wait to Be Seated: Just wait till everyone arrives. Though most of the restaurants will offer you a table only in the booked slot, even if they offer, you should wait till everyone arrives unless someone has informed that they will get late and join later. Also, one should remain standing until the host sits.
  3. Don’t Keep Your Stuff on The Table: Keeping your phone, keys, bag etc. on the table is strictly a no-no. Also, don’t get engrossed with your phone as it is considered rude. It gives an impression that texting is more important to you than the company you are in. If it’s too urgent, then excuse yourself and then take out your phone.
  4. Where to Place the Napkin: Once you sit down for meals, you can place your napkin on your lap as soon as the host moves his/her. If during the meals you need to go somewhere, place it on the chair and never on the table. It’s only after the meals that the napkin should be placed on the table.
  5. Paying the Bill: Whether you would want to split the bill, have separate checks or one person will pay needs to be pre-decided. In any case, you need to convey it to the waiter ahead of time so that there is no confusion later.
  6. Leave within 15 Minutes of Finishing the Meals: Staying long after the meals is considered rude as restaurant means business. Once they have served you, you should leave so that they can serve the next guest.  

Keeping these rules in mind will make you a seasoned diner.

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