Discovering Germany with Bavaria tours

Bavaria is a state in Germany with its protestant population which finds itself closer to the Austrian people than the rest of Germany. Local people are proud of their dialect and they are not prepared to change for rest of German population. Bavaria people preserve their traditional clothing and food .they feel proud to wear their traditional cloths on daily basis. They also use their traditional food in day to day life thus giving the state its unique cultural identity from the remaining German population. There are many more reasons which make the people and the Bavaria state interesting place to visit. You can make Little Bavaria Tours to the state to know the place in a better way.

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Things to do during your tour to Bavaria State

  • Your tour to the Bavaria state starts with the capital city of the state Munich. The city is known for its beautiful museums and treasures the beautiful past of the Bavaria culture and tradition. You can visit the famous English garden and the city is the gateway to Alps Mountains.
  • While visiting the state you must visit the famous Oktoberfest fair. It is estimated that more than 6 million people visit this fair to enjoy the German hospitality with sausage and beer and enjoy the traditional band and the dance.
  • Your tour is incomplete without Neuschwanstein tours. The famous castle is located in Alps and seems to come straight from the fairy tales. The castle was built by the King Ludwig 2.The castle is known for its grand design and architecture.

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