Easy online visa of Sri Lanka for Germans

Sri Lankan tourism is gaining momentum from the end of civil war in 2009. Beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, historical places are the few catalyst boasting the tourism. The real boaster of the German tourist in Sri Lanka is visum Sri Lanka für Deutsche. As the ease of online application for the visa to Sri Lanka has encouraged the Germans as other Europeans to visit Sri Lanka for their vacations.

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Special privileges to German passport holders

As German citizens are flocking in good number in Sri Lanka since 2009, Sri Lankan government has bestowed special privilege to tourists travelling with the German passport. Germany is one of the countries that are placed in category A of immigration authorities. It means that German citizens need not to take prior visa. They can apply for a visa of 30 days on arrival in Sri Lanka but they have to prove that they have come to the country with none other intention than to spend their holidays in this island nation. The limit is not going to an extent for more than 30 days. German citizen can apply for eta visa on arrival in Sri Lanka.They have to fill the online form mentioning all the necessary details as required in the form. This includes passport number, details of the flight and their intention of travel. If found to be involved in activities other than mentioned as a motive of a visit to the country may invite legal action.

No visa fees is required for tourist visa from German citizens

Germany is one of the countries included in the list A which makes them eligible to free entry for 30 days in Sri Lanka. If they have come with an intention to spend their holidays in the country, but this stay should not be more than 30 days. They are supposed to have their valid passport along with travel documents with them during their stay in the country.

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