Facts about Japan

Japan is filled with culture, history, traditions, festivals, museums, etc. This country is economically strong, and it is visible in the heir architectures. If you want to get the best experience of Japan, then you should visit all the famous places in here. There are many things about Japan that are left mystical. Here are some exciting facts that you should know before you visit this country.

Exciting facts about this place

  • Due to thescarcity of space in this country, the football fields are situated on the tops of the building. They are the masters in this field of creating spaces.
  • The fish market in Tokyo is famous all over the world. Here you will never regret waking up at night and visiting the market to see many kinds of seafood and sea fishes.
  • Tea ceremony in Japan is famous all over the world. In this ceremony, you will learn a lot about the traditions of Japan.
  • Mayonnaise museum is a unique thing in here. People love mayonnaise so much that they have created a museum for it where the people are trained about the types of mayonnaise and the procedure of producing it.
  • Carvings and woodwork are the famous crafts of Japan. You can see woods everywhere starting from furniture to rice spoons.
  • The famous Japanese cake names as mochiare made from the short grain rice. Though it requires great labortoo, the result is amazing. Japan has the famous mocha ceremony called as mochitsuki.
  • Cherry blossom happens during the springtime when the entire country is dominated by the happy colors of white and pink.

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