Foodie? 5 Restaurants That Serve the Best South-Asian Cuisine in Singapore

 As the multicultural Singapore is emerging as a major food destination, moving out of the regular one – night stand for the stopover traveller, we try to give a look at the best places to grab some Asian bites at this foodie’s paradise!

Singapore is a great city for the hungry traveller. If you have a knack for food, for trying different and better, you don’t even have to shell out serious Singapore dollars to get the best of what’s cooking. You can’t beat the knowledge known to most locals. For Singaporeans, eating out is considered the best pastime. And who bears this claim? There’s a glorious jumble of hawker centres at the island, restaurants and cafes that serve Peranakan cuisine, melting pots of dishes which are not only inherited but highly influenced by the Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese heritage. The annual Singapore Food Festival is another way to taste a little of everything on the Singaporean menu. Cut-price dishes are slung here by the best of the chefs and hawkers of Singapore. Sounds tempting enough? Guess you need to confirm your Delhi to Singapore flight booking as soon as possible!

And if you fancy a taste, here’s our list of the top five at Singapore.

Good Chance Popiah Eating House (Block 149 Silat)

Thisall-day casual eatery was founded in the year 1977 by a local named Hou Shen Hu. Post his retirement, the work was taken up by his second generation Boon Kaichun. The regular household dish Popiah is the signature meal of the eatery. This keeps the family feel intact. What’s special? They let you have a DIY option. Wrap all the goodness you want, yourself into scrumptious wraps and then bite away! What can be better than a messy, fun and albeit experience, after all!?

Cure (21 KeongSaik Road)

The affordable, yet ‘haute’ tasting menu is an introduction of the kitchens of Dublin, New York and London to the Singaporean palate. You must try the 72 – hour beef short with sorrel emulsion and oyster and, the  beef tongue croquette. Seasonal produce is incorporated into the menu by minor monthly changes. The best part is that depending on how many courses you can fit in, you may end up spending only S$ 35 to S$ 130.

Chatterbox (Level 5, Mandarin Orchard Hotel)

Since 1971 (and we’re not joking), The Chatterbox has proudly labelled itself as the “Home of the Legendary Mandarin Chicken Rice”. The fifth floor of the five – star hotel ‘Mandarin Orchard Hotel’ is home to this modern restaurant that offers a high – end and highly sophisticated version of the local dish of rice, boiled chicken, dark soy sauce, ginger paste and chilli sauce. Other signature Singaporean dishes served here, include the stir-fried Singaporean noodles or the Hokkien noodles, laksa, rojak, satay and a satisfyingly tasty and greasy beef and noodle dish known as the kwayTeow.

Tong Ah Eating House (35 KeongSaik Road)

Want to go all local? Well, this would be your best bet! This Singaporean spot is equivalent to the greasy spoon for England. No nonsense plastic chairs and tables, the unassuming coffee – house feel, and a local crowd are its signature. You can try the tradition kaya toast breakfast, steamed pork buns and coffee, soft boiled eggs and grab some breakfast on the go, niftily banana leaf wrapped!

Tekka Centre (Bukit Timah Road)

One of the many hawker centres in Singapore, The Tekka Centre of the Little India neighbourhood is more aptly not a food joint but a multi-use complex that is home to dirt – cheap tailors, knick-knack shops, a busy fish market, all topped with a great food centre. Plates of spicy, saucy squid, Indian rojak (south – Asian style mix salad with a zingy mess of battered prawns, tofu, eggs and potatoes, dusted with peanuts and slathered in sweet and spicy sauce) are some of the best things to grab here. You may also swing by for ‘carrot cake’ at one of the Chinese stand (but of course, we’d advise you not to misunderstand and expect this Singaporean favourite to be a dessert). These are basically soft cakes made of rice flour and radish, fried as cut cubes with eggs and garlic. This is further scoffed after a generous heap of soy sauce.

Looks like you’re already convinced to give a shot to that Delhi to Singapore flight booking!

Happy, scrumptious meals!

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