Grabbing Some Shoreline Delights: 5 Foods that Will make Your New Jersey Vacation a Treat

A big part of the vacation experience is trying something new to eat or having a memorable meal in a great location and New Jersey is a destination where you will get plenty of chances to create some culinary memories.

Here are some gourmet highlights that await you when you head for the shoreline-packed state of New Jersey.

Great food is not a problem in the “garden state”

The fact that New Jersey has a reputation for fresh food is a big clue that the residents take their eating seriously and whether you are enjoying something that is grown locally or has been plucked from the sea, there is bound to be something that you like on the menu.

Pizza might be a simple concept in culinary terms but it takes great know-how and skill to be able to combine all the right ingredients in just the right quantities for a perfect treat.

You will find great pizza restaurants all across New Jersey and if you head to the southern part of the state you can expect to find treats like the Sicilian pie that is almost impossible to leave on the plate, however full you are.

If you are staying somewhere like the Fairfield Inn & Suites Paramus, for instance, you can be sure that you are never far away from enjoying a wonderful pizza experience.

How do you take your sliders?

Another New Jersey specialty is sliders, which can be ordered with almost anything you want inside them.

Whether you want breaded seafood, pulled pork or beef, your slider will probably have an irresistible layer of melted cheese accompanying the filling between the bread, and even though they are a simple idea, you will find that the slider is perfectly executed in New Jersey.

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Corn as fresh as you can get

One of the main reasons why this part of the country is known as “The Garden State” is the Jersey corn.

Make sure you order a side of corn on the cob or pick some up from any number of the roadside farms that proudly sell one of the state’s most iconic foods.

Enjoy the view and the seafood

You can’t visit New Jersey without exploring the shoreline and enjoying some fresh seafood.

The sort of dishes you can enjoy while looking out to the sea or overlooking one of the many rivers in the area are steamed lobsters, clambake or chowder, broiled shrimp.

You will also be able to find plenty of inexpensive fried seafood that seems to taste even better when you are taking in a sea view at the same time as eating something fresh from the ocean.

Glorious sunsets and stunning food

If you want to witness an amazing view as the sun sets over Delaware Bay you might want to head for one of the seafood restaurants in the Cape May area.

A delicious clam chowder wouldn’t be a bad choice and fresh lobsters are always going to score heavily when you are eating them with such an amazing view to enjoy at the same time.

One thing that you can always be certain of when you visit New Jersey is the fact that there is bound to be a memorable culinary treat for you to enjoy.

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