How to travel smiling with the kid?

Being a parent is one of the best gifts from God. However, it is a challenging task when you are travelling with your infant on a flight. These challenges are many, from carrying the proper documents required, to carrying the baby food for your child and last but not least carrying travel bassinet.

You can divide preparations of travelling with your kids into two segments, here are some things to keep in mind.

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Pre-travel preparations

You are travelling with a baby, so you must check out which of the airlines is most child-friendly on the route you are planning to travel. Once you’ve identified the most child friendly airlines then you should let the airline know that you’re travelling with a kid so that you should get a seat reserved next to the window. After getting the seat reserved you must take the child ticket and passport and visa if required. Now, you should prepare a checklist of the essentials which you must carry with your child as per his age and health conditions. It is advisable to carry some extra essentials than required during travel as you never know about the emergency situations like delay in flight or diversion of routes due to unavoidable circumstances.

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Travel preparations checklist

Diaper cream
Changing pad
Plastic bags
Nursing or Swaddle Blankets
Clothes changes

You’re all set to travel with your child and the real challenge starts from here. I suggest that one of the parents board the plane with the maximum baggage earlier and the other should board last with the child. It’s best to try to have a smile on your face during the travel as your kid may cause some inconvenience for your fellow passengers. Stay positive and expect some things to go wrong, but never hesitate to sorry to your fellow passengers.

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