Japan’s mesmerizing beauty at the time of spring

In Japan, when the spring comes it also brings the emerging greenery, crisp air as well as cherry blossom. Cherry blossom commonly known as sakura is basically a national flower of the country and when the season of this flower comes people show great respect towards the flower throughout the country.

Different types of events are held to celebrate and honor the beauty as well as elegance of this beautiful flower. Blooming of this flower starts from kyushu which is a southern island and at this place blooming starts in late march. While on the other hand, in North it blooms in early May and first reaches in hokkaido. In Japan tours, it is best if you witness the blooming of cherry blossom tours throughout the country because it increases the level of beauty of every place and city. Moreover, you also witness the real culture of Japan at the time of spring.

What more you can see?

When you are on the all Japan tour then it is highly recommended that you should ask your guide to take you some of the best places where you can enjoy the time of cherry blossom more. If you visit the capital city of the country then you can go for the picnic in parks. Almost every park of Tokyo blooms with freshness and aroma of cherry blossom. These parks are located near the river or pond that increases the beauty of sightseeing more. You can enjoy the night time more because at the time of night tree will light up with beautiful lighting and you can also enjoy the street food and traditional drink. During your visit, do not skip your visit to Takada castle where around 4000 cherry trees are lit up with around 3000 traditional lamps that look very mesmerizing and provide once in a life time experience.

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