Planning a Seamless Thailand Tour

Thailand is among the must-visit destinations with Indian travel enthusiasts. Its beautiful beaches, water sports, beach parties, luxury resorts, and delicious parties, are a perfect escape from mundane life. Although a Thailand tour sounds exotic and expensive, it is one of the most affordable overseas destination thanks to several Thailand tour packages offered by tour companies. Every year millions of Indians enjoy a Thailand vacation without breaking their bank. One of the most important things for a comfortable, exciting, and budgeted Thailand tour is to plan. Knowing what to pack, which documents to carry, and how to conduct yourself in Thailand can go a long way in ensuring a hassle-free and memorable tour. To help, we detail the prerequisites for a seamless Thailand tour.

Pack Essentials

One of the biggest mistakes that many travellers make is packing too much. Avoid stuffing everything that seems important only carry the essentials such as seasoned clothing, prescribed medicines, scarves or stoles, sunscreen, trekking shoes, and power bank. The intensity of Winter in Thailand is nowhere near what you experience in North India, carrying shorts and shirts will be fine at any time of the year.

Get Necessary Travel Documents

When travelling overseas make sure your travel documents are complete. Keep your flight ticket, hotel vouchers, agent’s contact details, passport, and travel visa handy and safe. With Thailand providing visa on arrival to Indian tourists, carry at least two passport size coloured-photographs with a light background to complete the formalities upon reaching Thailand.

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Book Your Stay

Getting a place to stay is one of the biggest concerns when travelling abroad, especially during peak tourist season. Booking your stay in advance allows you to concentrate on your itinerary, rather than run around and check with hotels for the availability of rooms. Several tour companies offer attractive offers on hotel bookings. Compare the cost and amenities online and make the perfect selection for a comfortable and hassle-free tour.

Prepare an Itinerary

Thailand is one of the best places to spend a vacation. It’s full of beautiful destinations that will charm you with their rich history and picturesque views. The Thai Islands, Chiang Mai, Pai, Ayutthaya, and Railay are some of the must-visit spots. Make sure you prepare your itinerary beforehand so that you can use all the time you have to enjoy rather than wasting it on deciding where to visit.

Learn Important Thai Phrases

When in Rome do as the Romans do. So, when visiting Thailand you must not only make efforts to learn some of the customs of the country but also important Thai words and phrases. Knowing the local words and phrases will help you develop a warm relation with locals and it will help you during emergencies such as asking for directions when you have lost your way. Some important Thai words and phrases to learn:

Hello – Swasdi

How are you? – Sabai dee ru

Yes – Chai

No – Mai chai

Thank you – Khob khun

How much? – Nee tao rai

I don’t understand – Mai kow jai

Airport – Sanaam bin

I can’t speak Thai – Pood Thai mai dai

Parting Tips

Following these tips will undoubtedly ensure you enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free tour to Thailand. Also, when touring Thailand carry at least 5,000 Baht for local expenses and make sure your debit/credit card is international. For a more comfortable and budgeted tour to Thailand may also forgo booking your stay and preparing an itinerary and rather choose a Thailand tour package. Several tour companies in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and other prominent cities offer attractive Thailand tour packages that are bound to save your time and money while providing you utmost comfort and fun.


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