Planning Costa Rica Vacations After the Hurricane Season

The Caribbean has had a hard year. With all the hurricane damage, some of you may be fearful that your favorite hotels have been lost in the deluge.

We’ve taken careful consideration of these precarious times as we mapped the following report. Don’t lose heart, Costa Rica lovers. Many of the brands you love are still going strong.

Cost Efficient Doesn’t Cost

If you need a shortcut to travel cost savings, you don’t have to break the bank looking for club memberships. Finding Costa Rica hotels is much easier with sites like Expedia . You may have just been married and are honeymooning in Costa Rica. Love doesn’t pay the bills. No matter how much we would like for it to. Luckily, there are plenty of discount sites at the tip of our fingers.

What to Expect

You may be surprised that most recent reports cite Costa Rica as surviving Irma relatively unscathed. This is not a bad surprise. Yet hurricane season isn’t over yet. Costa Rica hasn’t been without her sadness and her hard times. Just this week she lost 22 residents to Tropical Storm Nate.

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Should you be headed down there soon, expect there to be weather warnings. It is not as severe as the humanitarian crisis happening in Puerto Rico, but it is a real aspect to consider when planning your trip.

Hotels with Great Rates

Keeping the Times in mind, we reviewed the best hotels still standing to get a feel for the Vista you’re walking into and where you should stay. We liked to a few and made note of them here:

Westin Playa Conchal

The best in all-inclusive, beachfront hotels, we truly liked the condominium style hotel we saw on last year’s top 10 Tripadvisor/Facebook/Costa Rican Vacations list. This Hotel Playa Conchal Westin was selected this year’s best Latin American hotel. It also won the Bride’s Honeymoon Choice.

If it seemed a little too good to be true, it most likely was. Nothing has escaped the path of Nate. Playa Conchal was directly in the path of this sporadic storm. Reviews of recent storm path reports have not conclusively stated the approachable travel safety of this area at the time. Checking on Westin’s site, we have not found any closing notices at this time.

Hotel Del Mar

The Club Del Mar would be worthy a visit for its beauty alone. It’s beds are made to perfection. The tile is a deep seafoam green that reflects the overwhelming sense of luxury the place exudes. Outside, the place is swallowed in the greenery and good of a practical Eden resort. Visit Expedia to get some great deals on room fare here as well-something that couldn’t hurt the appeal in the least.

Tulemar Resort

With a wooden armed couch, we have to give this resort pointers just for its interior decoration. It’s aesthetic and patterns in furniture only make the beachside room that much more appealing.

There are so many good things we could say about Tulemar Resort. We have no real descriptor words to express what it is about this place that is so dearly special. Is it the clever green design of its website design and all the thought that went through it?

Never forget that just because we were delighted by a place doesn’t mean you will be. Set your eyes on sites like the deal search engines we’ve mentioned before. Form second opinions and thirds. Take the time to compare rates from big names like Expedia and Travelocity.

A Hopeful Year: Costa Rica is Moving Forward

One thing that gave a significant amount of hope was the lack of news surrounding Costa Rica’s hurricane fall out. Yes, the storms have caused damaged. But that doesn’t mean that Costa Rica isn’t an option for this year’s vacation.

The Caribbean will always be paradise to so many of us. With amazing hotels, delicious food, and even better views- it’s no wonder why thousands of people visit each year.


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