Praising the fighting spirit of the city

The city of Christ church and its people deserves all the praise with which the face the earthquake. The way people are busy in the reconstruction of the city speaks a lot about the fighting spirit of the people who live in the city. The city is known for the beautiful river Avon and the boat ride on the river always forms a must to do list of people who happen to be in the city. You cannot truly appreciate the spirit of the people of the city until and unless you visit the earthquake memorial and the Cardboard Cathedral. To know what more you can do in the city just Click here.

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One day in Christchurch

The city of Christchurch has many places in a list of the things to do in the city. The city is known to be the best replica of the English lifestyle. The city is known for the museums and the gardens .You can include below mentioned places of interest in your list of must visit places while visiting the city:

  1. Hagley Park: This is the most beautiful garden the city has for its guests to showcase. This garden has the beautiful lust green lawn with English roses and may more botanical wonders for you. Ponds and the fishes form the integral part of the garden. The botanical treasure is a must to watch with the twittering of the birds. The tulip garden with the museum in the center of this park makes the perfect picture for you to click.
  2. New Regent Street: This Street is the best place for the lovers of good food. You can choose any one of the restaurant to take lunch or dinner from among the number of restaurants lined up.
  3. City center: The place buzzes with activities in the afternoon. You can enjoy the replica of English city in the city center, enjoying the cup of coffee basking in the bright sunshine if the weather permits so.

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