Reach the Celebrity Lifestyle through the Velvet App

As we know that celebrity refers to the fame and public interest that is awarded by the mass media to the persons or groups of people. Celebrity home address maps are the most trendy tourist service in Los angles. The most known area of rich is Beverly Hills’ and it is very famous because the most tours live exclusively there.

Here, is good news for the celebrity fans that the velvet rope application has made it easy to navigate the celebrity homes. The application is beneficial for individual whether they want to travel the celebrity homes and discovering hang out locations etc. In fact, one can also post their photos on the home profile of their favorite people. You just need to go backstage with the application in order to insight into the glamorous movie star lifestyles.

This app provides you the map of all houses of celebrity with stunning proficient pictures of the exterior and interior design from architectural magazines.  With the help of this application, you can see the pictures of surrounding area of the house. If you have a premium membership, they provide you the proper address. It is the only digital star map and the source where the one can get updated information about their celebrity. The hot spots are hidden across the Los Angeles so one can get all the information about such locations on the applications.

They also provide a segment where you can get most popular hangouts for celebrities. With the help of this, the chances are an increase of seeing a big actor or musician. They distribute the information to both whether you are the inquiring tourist or the fan. In fact, they endow you organized and smooth information. One can also get their favorite celebrity autograph through email.

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