Seeing the Best Camping Sites in New Zealand

Trying to narrow down the most beautiful camping sites and outdoor vacation spots in all of New Zealand is a nearly impossible task, as the entire nation is filled with beautiful camping spots both well-known as well as out of the way. Whether you prefer to be close to the most popular areas that are renowned worldwide because of unmatched beauty or you want to set up your campervan a bit more off the beaten path, you will want to make sure to stop by and see some of these glorious outdoor treasures after securing your campervan hire.

North Island Places To See

Bay of Islands

Located north of Auckland, this beautiful natural area stands out even amongst the many beautiful natural places that make up New Zealand’s north island. Popular with locals and tourists alike, the area is well named as the shores are full of beaches as well as forests and rolling hills while the bay itself has 144 different islands. There’s a wide array of wildlife and whether you like hiking, kayaking, exploring, or just hanging out on your own little slice of island, there is plenty to do here and plenty of places to camp.

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro is not a conventional visit spot when you think about the typical beautiful New Zealand but if you love otherworldly aesthetics right here on Earth or are a huge “The Lord of the Rings” fan, then why not visit Mordor? Tongariro is very different from most of New Zealand as this is a very rugged landscape created from volcanic activity and is more akin to Mordor from the movie or the surface of Mars. The famous (infamous?) 19 km hike through the park shouldn’t be missed!

South Island Places To See

Punakaiki Coast

This entire coast offers incredible potential campsites and opportunities throughout. The beaches aren’t your white sand tourist resorts: many are rocky with violent waves, incredible rock formations on the coast, and an almost Jurassic Park level of vegetation. This is an incredible isolated and beautiful area you should experience during your New Zealand campervan adventure.

Fiordland National Park & Milford Sound

One of the most popular natural sites in all of New Zealand, Fiordland is actually a World Heritage Site and is home to some of the most incredible and spectacular scenery that you’ll be able to experience anywhere in the country. When you want to see glaciers, fjords, craggy mountains dotted with natural rainforests, this is the place. Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park are renowned for its incredible beauty and people who have visited there for years can still find something new every time.

Add in the wide array of naturally beautiful landscapes that epitomize the environmental aesthetic New Zealand is known for and you can quickly see why this is a can’t-miss-it destination.

Fox & Franz Josef Glaciers

The Fox & Franz Josef Glaciers are incredibly popular for a wide array of reasons, not the least of which is that they are among the most accessible in the world and are a centerpiece of the equally popular Westland Tai Poutini National Park. There are guided hikes, exploration of ice caves, and more. There’s something unique about the wind off a glacier that is just a special kind of refreshing cold that can’t be experienced anywhere else. If you haven’t experienced that, it’s something that needs to be added to the bucket list.

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