The best National Parks across Britain

We’re always looking to travel abroad, but how much of our own country have we actually visited? Cheap bus fares service, Stagecoach, has pointed out that sometimes the best bet is to head into the beautiful countryside so you can really have that quality time that you deserve. Fortunately, the UK has some of the best National Parks in the world; with picturesque scenery, wild expanses, and untouched beauty – our National Parks are the perfect place for a weekend away.

Dartmoor National Park

This is one National Park where you can pitch up your own tent and camp for the night. Remember to just pick somewhere with a magnificent view.

A book named The Hound of the Baskervilles is based on this National Park. After walking the moors, you’ll no doubt be in need of some well-earned food and rest, there are plenty of villages that surround the landscape that serve excellent cream teas.

You’re never too far from the city if the countryside gets a bit too much either, with routes close to London and Exeter. What could be better than escaping the city with the kids for a weekend of camping adventures?

Lake District National Park

If you’re visiting the Lake District, why not take a hike up England’s tallest mountain Scafell Pike?

If you enjoy water sports, there are plenty of activities going on in all 16 lakes as well. With sailing, canoeing, fishing and swimming to choose from, it’s time for you to take a dip in the water — hopefully it’s not too chilly! 

There are also a lot of cycling routes if you prefer that sort of activity. From country lanes to cycleways and bridleways, there’s a route that will suit all ages and experiences. Or for the more adventurous, try the Whinlatter and Grizedale Forest routes for some off-road excitement.

Broads National Park

If you’re visiting this park, make sure to take plenty of pictures to show your family and friends – Broads is home to some of the most beautiful views in the country, or so many people have said. Remember that Whitlingham Country Park is Norwich’s access to the Broads, and it’s here where you can explore ancient woodlands with a path that is also wheelchair accessible around Whitlingham Great Broad. 

The Ra boat might be something that you could enjoy, but what exactly is it? It’s Britain’s first solar-powered passenger boat! Don’t forget to take you camera when you’re on board as the Broads hosts a range of wildlife in the UK — see which animals you can spot!

Equipped with an outdoor centre, you and the kids will never be bored – whether you’re participating in water sports or archery, this park has it all! Or, if you’d like to take the trip across the Broads yourself, there are canoes you can hire to explore the winding waters. 

Cairngorms National Park 

If you thought that the Lake District was big, this park is double the size. At 4,528 sq km, it’s even bigger than Luxembourg! The park is 47% wild land too, offering your children a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with nature and explore environments that may not be familiar to them. 

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