Things you should never miss in Puglia

Puglia is one of the famous destinations in southeast Italy bordering Ionian Sea and ancient Greek. It is said to be the boot of Italy and is famous for its various historian buildings and hill towns and old farmlands. Visiting Puglia will surely make your tour a memorable one and especially if you are planning to visit the place then you are visiting the right place making right decision. When you visit Puglia make sure you do not escape visiting listed famous places and things to do:

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Historic sites: Puglia is famous for its historical things that you can see from very close by visiting to historic sites and landmarks. Don’t miss visiting sacred and religious sites like basilica san Nicola and santuario di san Michele arcangelo and borgo antico di otranto.

Things to do: Puglia offers a wide range of different activity options that you can enjoy doing with your family members. Like gargano trekking in national park where you can enjoy viewing from seaside vistas to silver pines and coastal walks. It depends on you how long you can walk and can ask your guide to navigate you short way that suits your health and interests. Try to not to miss watching dolphins from very close by going for dolphin conservation where you will get to see the movements and nature of dolphins from close. There are some other activities to do as well like guided tours from Bari, horse riding, cycling and bike tour across streets of Puglia village.

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Nature and parks: There are wide ranges of parks and nature options where you can enjoy some peaceful time. Like le cesine, isola di sant Andrea, gargao national park, Alta murgia national park, and Santa Maria di are some of the famous parks where you can get interesting sites to view like inlets, pine forests. You can roam around park by either on footsteps or riding on horse.

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