Three Great Alternative Holidays To A Timeshare

Buying a timeshare has become a far less popular holiday option than it once was, as it has become clear over the years that the deals being sold aren’t as good as they appeared.

Timeshares are now considered to be a rather poor investment, with people being stuck with rising maintenance costs and no way of getting rid of the share they’ve bought, and a lifelong financial burden. Often a timeshare will even become the responsibility of the family if the original owner passes away. These deals can be complicated, but timeshare experts such as the Timeshare Consumer Association have plenty of information to help you demystify the risks.

When you consider these factors, buying one does not seem like a particularly wise choice, particularly not when there are some other great options when it comes to enjoying a holiday!

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Let’s take a look at three great alternatives so that you can enjoy your holiday without the burden.

Package holidays

Package holiday deals have seen a rise in popularity again in the past few years, and are seen as an interesting a varied option for booking a holiday with little to no stress.

The great thing about package holidays is that they are quick and easy to book, and there are all sorts of great types of holiday available depending on what you’re looking for. While the classic beach holiday is still extremely popular, many people are also booking walking holidays, or cultural trips away.

According to an ATOL survey quoted by the Mirror in this article, 76 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds say that package holidays are stress-free, and the speed of booking also influences how keen they are to book a holiday, and with sites like Holiday Pirates and Travel Supermarket it’s now very easy to browse for the best deals.

A staycation

The staycation is another type of holiday that has risen in popularity in recent years, and particularly as a result of Brexit. More and more families are now opting to stay in Britain.

Staying in and spending your holiday fund in the UK is great for the local economy, but it can also be great for those who are nervous fliers, or those simply wishing for a cheaper break.

Taking time out doesn’t have to mean leaving the country, and it’s a great excuse to explore parts of the country you may not have visited before. From beach holidays in Devon and Cornwall to hiking holidays in the Lake District, there is definitely something for everybody right here in the UK!
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Rent somebody else’s home

One great and often very cost effective way of getting that ‘home away from home’ experience is to rent out somebody else’s home, with sites such as Air BnB offering people the chance to advertise their properties to earn some extra income, and holidaymakers often being able to enjoy a much higher standard of accommodation for a smaller budget.

From tree houses to luxury villas, there are lots of unique and luxurious options to choose from.

We hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for your next holiday so that you and your family can enjoy a break without the future burden of a timeshare.

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