Top Six Beaches to Visit in the Canary Islands

If you are thinking of taking a holiday or a backpacking trip to the Canary Islands, below is a list of the best beaches to visit whilst you are there. Do not miss out on a single one.

El Bullullo – Tenerife

This secluded bay is located of the isle of Tenerife and is about four kilometres east of Puerto de la Cruz and it is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach of Tenerife. Apparently, the sand has been imported from the nearby Sahara to make the beach more attractive to visitors. There is a distinct chilled out, low-key vibe on the beach of El Bullullo and it is well worth visiting the beach and watching the sunset from the restaurant on top of the cliffs. From here you can also walk over to the lovely little neighbouring beaches of El Pozo and Los Patos.

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Los Conchas – La Graciosa

La Graciosa beaches are some of the most untouched beaches in the Canary Islands, with the most beautiful of all being Los Conchas. Los Conchas is picture perfect and has even been deemed one of the best beaches in all of Europe. Its draw card is the level of contrasting colours, from the turquoise blue of the water, to the bright golden hue of the sand, to the burnt reds and oranges of the surrounding mountains. Los Conchas is most commonly deserted but for a dedicated few and is the perfect beach to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

Famara – Lanzarote

Famara Beach, located on the north of the isle of Lanzarote is the perfect destination for surfers and paragliders. In the last couple of years, the popularity of Famara among surfers has drastically risen, putting it on the map as a sought after surfing hotspot, nicknamed the “European Hawaii”. There is a lot going on in this once sleepy coastal village with people from all over the globe enjoying the restaurants, bars and surf-culture atmosphere.

Las Canteras – Gran Canaria

Las Canteras is located in the heart of the capital city of Las Palmers and boasts a long 2km stretch of beach, perfect for a long stroll after a late lunch or full day of shopping. Due to its location, it is essentially at the heart of the Canary Islands and is a must see if looking for an entertaining beach experience. Las Canteras is said to be the best city beach in the world due to its high water quality and environmental awareness. You will find all works of life enjoying the bars, restaurants and the golden sand and calm waves at all times of day or night.

Playa Blanca – Lanzarote

Playa Blanca is a 9km wide bay that stretches along the southernmost coastal edge of the island of Lanzarote. What was once a small fishing village, Playa Blanca offers a relaxed, chilled out atmosphere, all the while boasting plenty of cafes and a bustling yacht marina. The beach offers sophisticated self catered villas, which are multiplying rapidly as the tourist resort grows in popularity. There are also great hotels near Playa Blanca, which  is the perfect beach for swimming and sunbathing and is easily accessible due to its marina port. While you are there, why not check out the hidden beach of Papagayo, which is accessible by water taxi.

Maspalomas – Gran Canaria

Maspalomas is known for its wind sculptured dunes. These golden dunes are breathtaking set against a clear blue sky and it needs to be seen to be believed. Although a very popular beach, there is still a level of privacy that can be find between the dunes. The beach offers day beds and kiosks are sprinkled throughout selling refreshments. As the dunes stretch on as far as the eye can see, remember to bring your flip-flops as the sand can be uncomfortably hot underfoot. There are also lots of beachside restaurants and bars for the comfort of the visitor.

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