Useful ideas and guides to travel around Indonesia

Once you decide to visit Indonesia, then it is a right decision you made. First of all, you have to imagine your travel life while planning to travel around Indonesia. Of course, the Indonesia is one of the natured themed and most beautiful destinations. It is a large archipelago, so it does not sense what kind of travel you look for.

If you don’t have experience in driving in the Asian traffic, then you do not try to drive in Indonesia. This is because; the road rules and regulations are different from one country to other countries. In Indonesia, most of the streets are quite narrow, so it is difficult to drive, especially in the wide open roads. Before driving in Indonesia, it is better to take a look on the comprehensive guides to have a memorable trip.

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Rules to be followed by traveler

  • Educate yourself about safety first
  • Drive on the left side
  • Control your speed limit as fast as you can go
  • You may expect to pay in the parking area
  • Take a chance to learn a new path to go home
  • Learn and know the lingo

Safety guides to drive in Indonesia

When you plan to go to Indonesia by driving your own vehicle by yourself, then it is necessary to read the safety guides that help you to drive in Indonesia hassle free. Some of the safety drives to consider be considered before driving in Indonesia. Do some research and prepare yourself before thinking about to drive in Indonesia.

Important driving laws

You should always drive from the left in Indonesia unlike in any other western countries. Even many cars have steer in the left hand side. Be sure that do not drink and drive as well as make sure to have a driving license or permit, which is required if you rent a vehicle. It is better to use bike instead of car during the weekends. You should always have the complete documents such as passport, driving license, international driving license, ID card and Visa to avoid any problems.


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