You don’t have to be rich to book a private charter

Yachting has long been considered to be the realm of the rich and famous and something not available to the ordinary individual. But much of that attitude has changed, especially with the popularity of chartered yachts on the rise. If you’ve never thought you could spend a vacation cruising around on your very own yacht – well, yours for a week, at least – then you should think again. With everything available from the bare bones boat space to working cruises to the full luxury experience and everything in between, you can find a chartered yacht that will suit your vacation goals and budget.

Most chartered yacht cruises start around $10,000 for the week and go up from there depending on the amenities and features you want to include. When you compare this cost to many guided trip vacations, you can see that there is not an insurmountable difference. All it takes is a little planning and a closer eye on your budget to make it happen. Once you’ve decided you’d like to experience a chartered yacht for yourself, there are a few details you should probably think about to make it be what you envision.

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The first is to figure out your destination. And here, literally, the sky’s the limit. Practically anywhere that has a shoreline is fair game for a chartered yacht. The South of France, the Med, the Caribbean, New Zealand – you can almost close your eyes and stick a pin in a map to find a great destination that a chartered yacht can accommodate. But most of us have a particular place in mind that we’ve always wanted to see and experience. Start there and then think about an itinerary. Once you are there, or in the area, what do you want to see and do? If there are ports, cities, local culture or historical sites that are important to you in your destination locale, you want to carefully consider the highlights that you don’t want to miss, then plan the trip accordingly.

Next you want to think about what you want to do on the cruise outside of going ashore. Perhaps you want to totally relax and let the world go by, or try your hand at deep sea fishing, or maybe be able to zip around on a Jet ski while at anchor. These elements of your vacation are important because you’ll need to make sure your chartered yacht is appropriately provisioned to allow you to engage in those activities. Of course, if you just want to do a little swimming, reading and basking in the sun, so much the better for simplicity and cost effectiveness.

Next choose your dates and then use a resource tool like to find the right boat and crew that will make your vacation an experience to remember. Make sure to read all contracts and websites completely so you are aware of any additional costs or fees, and book your yacht well ahead of time so you know you are locked in. Dreaming of having a yacht of your very own all year long may be out of reach, but a week – that is within reach for nearly anyone, and so worth it.
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